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        Heaven Julie is a fashion brand that encourages kindness and free expression of self. We noticed not only a pressure to conform but an ongoing rash of negativity in our world today. In response Heaven Julie was born to promote individuality, kindness, diversity, and the coming together of all people. She urges us to express ourselves as co-inhabitants in this beautiful space together.

        Heaven Julie reminds us to not only stop and smell the roses, but to offer one to a complete stranger. 

        Flying in the face of hate, cruelty, and any bigotry culture, Heaven Julie tells us to join the revolution of free expression and being good to one another. Heaven Julie doesn’t hesitate to be herself and she wants each and every one of us to be an immensely proud individually and come together through human connection, empathy, and love. 

        If you like something and it embodies you, your taste, and your connection in this life - Heaven Julie says flaunt it, baby. 

        Sweetheart, smash the shackles that pull you back and put on the elegance and phenomenal uniqueness of your soul and person with our fashion brand. Wear yourself on your sleeve with tremendous pride and unquivering voice - celebrate others doing so too.

        Heaven Julie wants you to join her in flying in the face of convention; growing and changing the world for the better focused on how we treat ourselves and those around us. Showcasing the iconography of your soul starts that conversation and, in turn, action.  

        Heaven Julie tells you that you don't need to adhere society's directives, need to "one up" everyone, need to criticize, or be that snarky person with a vicious wit. Use the power of self to lift yourself up and lift up those around you. Be the power that can harness the world with your bold and staggering conglomerate of happiness and gratitude.

        Snap up your favorite deals in the catalogue of pop culture, horror, fashion, and art which comes with a soupçon of diversity and a focus on self-expression contemporaneously lighting those around you.  

        Heaven Julie seeks to deliver you quality products, well timed delivery, nimble navigation throughout the website, attentive shipping and laudable customer service. Without being enclosed in any norm, we mitigate the confines of specificity. All genders of all ages are heartily invited to soak in the dynasty of lucrative fashion quotients. In short, we do exactly what you expect from a brand that seeks to bring more acceptance of individuality and each other in this world.

        Heaven Julie anticipates your love, support, time, and penny to break the ground with our sterling envisions to alter the fettle of an authentic fashion brand. Uplift your style, yourself, and each other.